Sunday, April 13, 2014

Thank you Shadowcatcher Imaging!

New picture from my friend, Heather!

How cool is this, boys and girls? Look really close on this picture, and you will see fire safety messages!

We were so excited when we asked Heather to make a picture and she said yes! Heather is really amazing!

We plan on using this print to help raise money for the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation. We will have posters and cards. How cool is that?

In the picture to the right, Heather and her spotted furkid, Cooper, working on my image.

Heather is a fine art photographer living in the San Diego area, where she and her husband run a successfully wedding and portrait photography business. Heather's true passion is letting her creativity go to the dogs and have some doggone fun. Shadowcatcher Puptography is a dog friendly little division of their Wedding and Portrait business, Shadowcatcher Imagery. At Shadowcatcher Puptography Heather captures her 4 footed subjects in a way that lets their true personalities shine. Isn't that pawsome?

Heather's Paw Print series was the result of Heather getting a little restless with the daily editing process of their brides and grooms photos, she began experimenting with some photos of her Dalmatian Cooper and working with some unique layering effects. The result...... a super fun work of art that can feature dogs in a very arty and fun light!

Thank you for the pawesome piece of art, Heather! We love it!

Shadowcatcher Puptography HERE!

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