Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Most Thoughtful Gift

Remember how we have talked about the kindness of others and how they have touched our hearts?

About a month ago, we received a note from one of my Facebook friends, Tammi:

"My name is Tammi. My Son and I follow you. We were out shopping today and he came to me with something he felt you would love. He said it had to be sent. I laughed because he is 21 years old and returned home from Kentucky due to a heart infection to recover.

He does not smile a lot so to see him grinning ear to ear made me happy. I bought what he was holding so we could mail it to you."
Here's the video of me opening Nate's package. I was so excited and so touched.

 I will treasure this always, Nate.



To read more of the touching story, HERE.

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