Monday, July 30, 2012

Fire Safety Dogs on Scratchings and Sniffings Blog!

Thanks to our friend Yvonne DeVita and her furfriends for blogging about the Fire Safety Dogs on their Scratching & Sniffings blog! We are so very fortunate to have been included in their blog as we admire them so much for all the work that they do!

We very much appreciate Scratching and Sniffings including information about Sparkles' Fire Safety Skype Tour. That was the most exciting news of all!

You can read their blog post HERE.

Fire Safety Dogs on Animal Radio with FIDO Friendly Magazine!

Thanks to Susan Sims from FIDO Friendly Magazine for the wonderful interview on Animal Radio last week!

The Fire Safety Dogs and I have fun during the interview and it was broadcast on our end from Sparkles' Clubhouse!

To listen to the interview and to learn more about the Fire Safety Dogs, Sparkles' Clubhouse and the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation's programs, click HERE.

Thank you FIDO Friendly Magazine and Animal Radio!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Live recording of Sparkles' Safety Spot Live Streamed from the Unified Fire Authority in Salt Lake City, Utah. June 22, 2012. Episode 42.

Chatting with people from all over the United States
Sparkles' Safety Spot was live streamed from Unified Fire Authority in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 22nd. This 42nd Episode was streamed live with firefighters from Unified Fire Authority from Fire Station 101.

Unified Fire is the largest Fire Department in Utah, with 26 fire stations and 450 sworn firefighters and running 40,000 calls a year. Unified Fire has 2 Hazmat Teams, 2 Heavy Rescue Teams, a Dive Rescue Team, a Swift Water Rescue Team, a Bomb Squad, and many other unique divisions.

Putting something together like this takes a lot of work! Special thanks to Monica Colby, Dean Hunt, Benjamin Sharer, Z and Captain Karen Minchow for helping us put this episode together so quickly! 

Zeteo ("Z")

We were so excited that Zeteo, ("Z")  and his human, Captain Karen Minchow were on the show! Z is a chocolate Lab that works for the Urban Search and Rescue Team. The USAR team is called Utah Task Force 1. Z is trained to search for live victims in urban disaster settings like collapsed buildings and he also detects live human scent and
finds it. 

Here are pictures from the big day! 

Getting ready to live stream
Captain Karen Minchow petting Tango

Firefighter Ben showing Tango the Battalion Chief's vehicle.

Tango waiting while the live stream was being set up.
Firefighter Benjamin Sharer participated in Sparkles' Safety Spot with us!

                                         If unable to see the video, please click HERE.

As always, we would like to thank our sponsor, First Alert, for providing the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation funding to bring you Sparkles' Safety Spot each week. Thank you, First Alert!

Sparkles' Safety Spot is live streamed every Friday morning at 9:00 A.M. CST. Follow Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, Tango the Fire Safety Dog and Siren the Fire Safety Dog on Facebook!