Sunday, June 30, 2013

Landscaping Sparkles' Clubhouse!

Today we decided to landscape Sparkles' Clubhouse! Here is what it looked like beforehand!

I got to help! It was so much fun!

Tango even helped!

Finished! Ta da! How does it look?

Stay safe! And, until next time, remember: Fire Safety Rocks!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Safety Picture!

How do you like my new safety tip?

It's so important to remember that it is important to practice fire safety every day!

Until next time, stay safe! And, remember: Fire Safety Rocks!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Be Safe this 4th of July!

Remember to leave fireworks to the professionals. I want you and your family to stay safe this 4th of July!

Stay safe! And, remember: Fire Safety Rocks!

95th Episode Complete!

95th episode of Sparkles' Safety Spot in the can!!! Getting close to the 100th!!

Today we talked about firework safety and how important it is to leave fireworks to the professionals!

Video coming soon!

Brought to you by First Alert and the Keep Kids Fire SafeFoundation.

Pool Time!

Our new pool! This is all new to me!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My First Birthday Cake Design!

Today Firefighter Dayna had to put in into high gear to start planning for my one year birthday celebration next Tuesday!

Since we have been gone since Mother's Day sharing fire safety all over the US, this is the first time that she has had to sit down and work on it.

Instead of gifts for my big day, we hope to raise awareness about fire safety and funding for my favorite charity, Keep Kids Fire Safe™ Foundation. More details to follow!

What do you think, boys and girls?

Having fun at the Safe Kids Worldwide Injury and Prevention Conference!

I was so excited to attend the Safe Kids Worldwide Injury and Prevention Confererence in Washington, DC! Firefighter Dayna and I rode in the SafetyMobile all the way out there and had the best time sharing the work of the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation and its fire safety programs!

A really fun part of the conference for me was getting to go into a room with people from 26 different countries and share what I do with them to help keep people safe. I even showed them some tricks and how I can crawl low under smoke! 

Here are some pictures of our booth! 

It took alot of people to make this happen. I'd like to give a shout-out to First Alert, State Farm, BlackKatz Creations, GloGirly Designs, Master Printing, Skype in the Classroom, Jake, Shirley P., Safe Kids Worldwide and several donors for helping provide funding, in-kind gifts, volunteer hours and other services. I'd also like to thank all my Facebook friends for the kind words for helping the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation's little of the corner of the conference looking amazing!

We couldn't have done it without you and we are truly grateful!

Our booth!
My new friend, Kim! She was so nice!

Striking a pose for the cameras.

Firefighter Dayna (Mom) is Executive Director of the Keep Kids Fire Safe
Foundation. She really enjoyed sharing with participants at the conference
about the work of the foundation and the foundation's Skype program!

We also had a chance to share some fire safety at the conference. That
was one of our most favorite things to do!

Smoke alarms save lives!

This is my new friend, Rylie. She was so nice and I
loved getting petted on the head! Thanks, Rylie!


I had a lot of fun playing while I was at the booth. Fun!

The conference was fun and I had the best time EVER! More pictures and videos coming soon!

Until next time, stay safe! And, remember: Fire Safety Rocks!