Monday, June 3, 2013

I Love Monday Night Training at the Fire Station!

Monday is my favorite day! That is the day that I get to go to the fire station with Firefighter Dayna!

I have so much fun seeing all the firefighters, helping them with their station chores and learning about the fire service and how to help keep people safe!

Below are some pix!

This is 101. 101 is a brush truck. This truck is the first truck to go out when the pager goes off!

Here I am in the training room. The firefighters meet in this room to learn about how to fight fires, how to keep people safe and talk about things needing to be done at the station. It is one of my favorite parts about Monday night training! I learn so much!

This is 108. 108 is a pumper truck. Some firefighters think it is lime green and others think it is yellow. What do you think?

There's nothing I like more than sitting on the fire trucks and watching what is going on all around me. The life of a fire safety dog is so much fun! It feels so good to know that the firefighters and I are helping people!
Hope you had a good day today! Until next time, stay safe! And, remember: fire safety rocks!

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