Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sparkles in May/June Issue of DogSport Magazine

I was so excited to see a review of our book, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog in this months issue of DogSport Magazine! The review is in the DogSport Magazine's Bookshelf section on page 90.

Here's what the DogSport staff had to say about Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog:

"Sparkles is a Fire Safety Dog from Clarksville, Arkansas that travels with firefighter Dayna Hilton teaching fire safety messages to children all across the United States. Together the two have reached millions of children and their caregivers. The National Fire Protection Association, in 2007, stated that there were more than 1.5 million fires reported in the United States, with 3,430 civilian deaths and 17,675 civilian injuries and Sparkles and Firefighter Dayna hope to change these statistics, one presentation at a time. Sparkle's tail wags in excitement about learning and teaching fire safety together and riding in the big red fire truck! Dayna begins this book by highlighting important words or phrases that should be explained to children much like she begins her presentation when visiting local elementary schools. This book teaches the most important fire safety information that children should be learning at a young age to be prepared in case of a fire emergency. The photos help to illustrate what is being taught and Sparkles participates as well, crawling and getting low. Children are also taught how firefighters will keep them safety and whey the wear "special clothes" in a fire. This is a wonderful learning tool for children! Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog literally is a brilliant quick and easy read for children. Not only will they learn the importance of fire safety, but also by using the beautiful Dalmatian dog in colorful pictures throughout the book, it almost guarantees this becoming a child's favorite book to read and re-read all the while re-learning the importance of fire safety. Reading gives children skills in hangling complex thoughts, ideas and teachings. DogSport Magazine recommends.... every classroom investing in bringing this book into elementary schools to help in teaching fire safety. "

Hi paw to everyone at DogSport Magazine for helping us spread the fire safety message! You guys rock!

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Video

Hi boys and girls! Here's a new video that my good friend Pat made while we were at FDIC. Firefighter Dayna and I just loved meeting all of the boys and girls that stopped by to say hello! Maybe someday I will get to meet you too!