Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tango's last public fire safety presentation streamed LIVE on the web!

PEEPS! Great news! Tomorrow we will be live streaming my very last public fire safety presentation. As you may have heard, I am retiring now that I am almost 11 1/2 years old. It's been a great 4 1/2 years and I am ready to spend my "golden
years" chillaxen! This is a very RARE opportunity and we hope that you will see us in action! 
Special thanks to Principal Davis at Celia Clinton Elementary in Tulsa for letting us do this! YOU ROCK Principal Davis!!! We are excited that our friends from the Tulsa Fire Department will be there (catch that Rainbow Diamond, Spokesdog!). The live stream will begin a little before 9:30 AM CST at http://www.firesafetydogs.com). Hope you can join us!!!! Tango

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Skyping with our Third Country Soon!

We are soooo excited! We are going to be Skyping with a school in Latvia soon!

We started a new program that we have taken international (https://education.skype.com/projects/3618-learning-about-dalmatians-and-the-fire-safety-dogs-is-fun-

and each week we have set aside Thursdays to Skype with other countries!

For those of you that may not know (we are just learning too!) Latvia is a country in Europe and the capitol of it is Riga. It is an ancient Baltic country and is officially called the Republic of Latvia.

We can't wait to meet the children and this will be our first experience with a translator. Pawsome!
Saint Peter's Church in Riga was built in 1209 and enlarged in the 15th century. Its current tower was completed in 1746 and restored in 1973 when an elevator was installed. People can now view Riga from a height of about 72 m (236 ft). 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tango the Fire Safety Dog Stick Puppet Project Tomorrow on Sparkles' Safety Spot!

Boys and girls!

Big fun in Sparkles' Clubhouse tomorrow morning when we live stream the 63rd Episode of Sparkles' Safety Spot! Whoo hoo! 

During tomorrow's live stream, we will be making a Tango the Fire Safety Dog Stick Puppet! Be sure to visit http://www.firesafetydogs.com to print of the supply sheet! 

Join the fun! Join us at 9:00 AM CST as we come to you LIVE from Sparkles' Clubhouse! 

Watch Sparkles' Safety Spot at http://www.firesafetydogs.com.

Until then, stay safe! 

Brought to you by the Keep Kids Fire Safe™ Foundation and First Alert.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Free New Skype Program from the Fire Safety Dogs!


We have added a new 30 minutes Skype program! This program includes children (1) meeting a real fire safety dog, (2) learning how some dogs have jobs, (3) learning a short history of Dalmatians and their role in the US Fire Service, (4) learning about Dalmatians in general, and (5) learning about what a Fire Safety Dog is. Children will also learn (1) what the Fire Safety Dogs do to train, (2) what kinds of jobs they perform, and (3) what they do during their free time. The program is followed by singing a fire safety song and administering the Junior Firefighter Oath by Hilton and a Fire Safety Dog. The visit also includes time for questions and answers. 

Follow the adventures of the Fire Safety Dogs on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/firesafetydogs and on their webpage at http://www.firesafetydogs.com. Watch Sparkles' Safety Spot, a weekly live streamed safety show at http://www.firesafetydogs.com at 9:00 AM CST every Friday morning. This 15 minute program is perfect for classrooms!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sparkles' Safety Spot~ Episode 62

Recording of live stream of the 62nd Episode of Sparkles' Safety Spot from Sparkles' Clubhouse. In this episode, children learn how to make a fire truck craft project.

This episode ranked as the 6th most watched show on Stickam.com!

Sparkles' Safety Spot is streamed live every Friday morning at 9 A.M. CST at http://www.firesafetydogs.com

Brought to you by the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation and First Alert. Follow the adventures of the Fire Safety Dogs on their webpage and on Facebook.

The Kindness of Others

Thank you to Alicia from Must Love Tiaras for one of the most amazing gifts. Alicia has amazing talent and gave me a beautiful necklace to wear to always keep Sparkles and Spanner close to my heart. 

Sparkles crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2010, and Spanner, in 2008. Both were rescued and went on to doing amazing things, including appearing on PBS KIDS Sprout and FOX and Friends.

Since receiving this very thoughtful gift, I have worn my necklace non-stop. Thank you, Alicia, your kindness is overwhelming and I appreciate your thoughtfulness so very much.

You can visit Alicia's site at HERE.

Thursday, November 1, 2012