Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Free New Skype Program from the Fire Safety Dogs!


We have added a new 30 minutes Skype program! This program includes children (1) meeting a real fire safety dog, (2) learning how some dogs have jobs, (3) learning a short history of Dalmatians and their role in the US Fire Service, (4) learning about Dalmatians in general, and (5) learning about what a Fire Safety Dog is. Children will also learn (1) what the Fire Safety Dogs do to train, (2) what kinds of jobs they perform, and (3) what they do during their free time. The program is followed by singing a fire safety song and administering the Junior Firefighter Oath by Hilton and a Fire Safety Dog. The visit also includes time for questions and answers. 

Follow the adventures of the Fire Safety Dogs on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/firesafetydogs and on their webpage at http://www.firesafetydogs.com. Watch Sparkles' Safety Spot, a weekly live streamed safety show at http://www.firesafetydogs.com at 9:00 AM CST every Friday morning. This 15 minute program is perfect for classrooms!

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