The Fire Safety Rocks live-streamed fire safety program helps children learn basic fire safety knowledge and skills with the goals of saving lives, limiting injuries, and reducing fire losses. 

Firefighter Dayna and Molly the Fire Safety Dog share fun, yet educationally sound, ways to stay safe, live on the web.

Teachers, students and parents tune in to this live streamed program where fire safety tips are disseminated in a fun format for children.

The program includes special appearances by safety friends of the two and four-legged type and provides free, downloadable supplementary safety materials for teachers and 

When the fire safety dogs are traveling across the country, the show is streamed live on location. Former locations include the Memphis Fire Department’s main station, Aurora Regional Fire Museum in Aurora, Illinois (just outside of Chicago), the Unified Fire District Authority in Salt Lake City, Utah, Hall County Fire Services (Gainesville, Georgia) and the Vigilant Hose Company in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Children and adults can chat with them live and ask questions about fire safety and the Fire Safety Dogs. Perfect for the boys and girls in your life!  Children and their caregivers can join the chat and have fun learning at the same time.
Live-streaming Sparkles’ Safety Spot
  with Lt. Beverley Walker from Hall 
County Fire Services in Gainesville, Georgia. 
November 2012

Fire Safety Rocks, initially called, Sparkles' Safety Spot, has been live streamed since 2010.

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This free, interactive Skype activity teaches children important fire safety lessons and is open to schools, organizations and library programs across the country and throughout the world.

The 30-minute program is designed to teach basic fire safety skills and features the Fire Safety Dogs, sing-a-longs, the reading of a fire safety book and the opportunity for children to become Junior Firefighters. 

                             With funding provided by:


The Keep Kids Fire Safe® Foundation’s

Reading with Molly program helps children learn basic fire safety knowledge and skills with the goals of saving lives, limiting injuries, and reducing fire losses. Firefighter Dayna and her team of Fire Safety Dogs share fun, yet educationally sound, ways to stay safe.

The educationally sound 30-minute program includes the reading of Hilton’s national award-winning, children’s fire safety book, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog. In addition, the program includes singing fire safety songs with the children, Molly demonstrating how to "crawl low under smoke" and administering the Jr. Firefighter Oath by Hilton and Molly the Fire Safety Dog.

The presentation will be adapted to the age of the audience so that the appropriate fire safety educational messages will be shared. If multiple classes are grouped together for a presentation, it is suggested that the students are close in age.

Students will learn four valuable fire safety messages that will help keep them and their family fire safe including:

  • Recognizing the firefighter as a helper and a friend
  • Knowing the sound & purpose of a smoke alarm
  • Understanding the importance of practicing a home fire drill using an escape map
  • Knowing when and how to crawl low

  • Introduction of Molly the Fire Safety Dog
  • Reading of the children's book, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog
  • Sharing of fire safety tips
  • Singing of fire safety song
  • Molly demonstrating how to "Crawl low under smoke"
  • Jr. Firefighter Oath
  • Optional: Children meeting Molly up close and petting her (not included in 30 minute time frame). Up to school's discretion if they would like to have this option.

Needed for presentation:
  • Cordless Mic
  • Adult Chair
  • Children at least 8 feet away from location of reading chair
  • It is recommended that this program be done in cooperation with the local fire department.

For more information, please contact Dayna Hilton at the Keep Kids Fire Safe® Foundation:

*To date, this program has helped save the lives of 7 children and 2 adults involved in actual fire-related situations.

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