Friday, September 25, 2020

Fire Safety Rocks! Episode 253

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This episode of Fire Safety Rocks! is JAM PACKED full of fun!

The show (the Keep Kids Fire Safe™ Foundation's 253rd!) is the 4th in the series of famous Dalmatian fire dogs and our special guest is once again Fireman Dave and Dottie! This is Part 2 of Fireman Dave telling the story of his Dalmatians Blaze and Dottie and his 1902 American Steamer! Learn a fire safety tip to help keep you and your family safe, watch Fireman Dave's steamer in action, sing-a-long to the "Get Out Song" and play "Guess that Sound!" You can even learn how to make your own Molly the Fire Safety Dog hanger! Who knew that learning about fire safety could be so much fun?! Special thanks to the following people and organizations for use of their images/photos/videos: California Fire Museum - Safety Learning Center Christopher Baker Matt Chesin San Diego Firehouse Museum, San Diego, CA Donald Forsyth Frederick County, MD Fire & Rescue Museum, Emmitsburg, MD Rick Goulian Hall of Flame Firefighting Museum, Phoenix Dave and Barb Hubert, Dottie and Blaze Leslie, Faith and Emma Kirwan Philicia McCauley Heather Middleton Mark Moorehead Russell Muits Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), Seattle National Fire Heritage Center, Emmitsburg, MD Janet Ploudre Reedy Creek Fire and Rescue, Lake Buena Vista, FL Reno Fire Antique and Classic Apparatus, Reno, NV Shadowcatcher Imagery U.S. Fire Administration Special thanks to our donors throughout the years who have believed in us and our mission to help keep children safe. Brought to you by the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to helping keep children and their families safe, with funding from Molly's Patreon supporters Philicia and Kelly, donors Rebecca and Sonya and corporate partner, State Farm. Learn more about how to become a special sponsor of this program by visiting THE HISTORY OF THE KEEP KIDS FIRE SAFE FOUNDATION’S LIVE-STREAMED SAFETY SHOWS In 2010, the first episode of "Sparkles Safety Spot," named after Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, was live streamed in Firefighter Dayna's living room. First Alert was the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation’s founding partner for the show and we were able to stream 245 episodes until we lost our funding. The show was live streamed for several years straight each Friday and Firefighter Dayna and the Fire Safety Dogs only missed two episodes! What made the show special, was it was the first of its kind: anywhere. We are happy to see fire departments across the US taking to social media to share their fire safety messages and we are happy that we were pioneers! KKFSF and the Fire Safety Dogs have lived streamed the show, not only in Sparkles' Clubhouse, but across the United States in fire stations, fire museums, events and so much more! The Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation has also streamed the show from Canada! Since we have been unable to Skype with schools due to the Coronavirus, we have shifted our focus and decided to bring back our live streamed show! Get your Molly gear and help support a great cause! Free downloadable Molly the Fire Safety Dog Activity books Help support the work of Molly and the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation! Amazon Smile Molly Moji Molly's Amazon Wish List Paypal Host a Facebook Fundraiser! More information on Molly and the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation can be found HERE. Molly's Social Media Channels: Twitter firesafetydogs Facebook and Instagram mollythefiresafetydog Learn more about Molly at ABOUT MOLLY THE FIRE SAFETY DOG: Canine celebrity and actor, Trick Dog Champion, and five-time American Humane Association Hero Dog Award nominee, Molly and her handler, Dayna Hilton received the 2019 American Kennel Club Humane Fund Award for Canine Excellence (ACE) in the “Exemplary Companion Dog” category. Molly is the Official Ambassador and background actor for the IMAX movie, "Superpower Dogs." She has been featured in numerous publications across the world and will soon be gracing the back cover of Anthony Rubio’s Canine Couture coffee table book. Molly has Skyped her fire safety program over 500 times with over 20,000 children and adults from 34 countries on six continents. ABOUT THE KEEP KIDS FIRE SAFE FOUNDATION: Founded in 2009, the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation is a federally recognized 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to teaching fire safety knowledge and skills to children and their caregivers based on fire safety research.

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