Sunday, April 27, 2014

Smoke Alarms for Hector!

When we heard this story by Brian Scott with NBC5 (Dallas/Fort Worth), we were so amazed!

According to Brian, 9 year old, Hector Montoya, saved for almost a year to buy a new PS4 gaming system, but at the last minute, he decided to put the money toward giving smoke alarms to those in need. 

After watching the video, we sent an email to our friends at First Alert and asked if they would like to partner to donate some smoke alarms to Hector's cause. 

We were so excited when we received a note back saying they would donate 100 smoke alarms! Wasn't that so nice of them?

On Friday the 25th, we called Hector's house. We visited with his mom and listened to the amazing story. Then, we got to talk to Hector! He was so nice and he seemed so grown-up!

Earlier that day, Firefighter Dayna and I decided that we were going to Dallas to deliver the 100 smoke alarms. So, as soon as the smoke alarms come in, we are going to go to Dallas to deliver them to Hector!

You can watch the news story HERE.

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