Thursday, October 3, 2013

My First Ride on a Fire Truck!

This morning firefighters from the Manhattan Fore Protection District (IL) let me ride in on of their fire trucks to a fire safety event!!

Best day of my life!


My friend, Firefighter Jake, held me while I rode in the big red fire truck!

This was a pawmazing day! Not only did I get to share fire safety with the Manhattan Fire Protection District with Firefighter Dayna and my new friend, Firefighter Dawn, I spent the day with some wonderful pre-schoolers, helping them learn about how to be safe! 

I loved helping share fire safety with Firefighter Dayna and Firefighter Dawn!

These are my new friends, Lt. Ed Ludwig from the Manhatten Fire Protection District, and his daughter, Brooklynn.

Lt. Ed drove the fire truck that I rode in this morning to a fire safety presentation with Firefighter Dawn and Firefighter Dayna.

Brooklyn is Lt. Ed's daughter! How sweet is that?!?!?!

Getting back into the fire truck to head back to the station.


What a day!

Thank you to the Manhattan Fire Protection District! What an incredibly special day!

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