Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chicago Bound!

Today we are leaving for Chicago for our big Chicago Fire Safety Tour! We have lots of exciting things planned once we get there!

I slept most of the way there!

When I got to Chicago, the Fire Safety Dogs' number one fan, Ryan, met me for the very first time!

Ryan has met four of the five Fire Safety Dogs now! He is so nice!!! He even brought me treats! Yummy!

Thanks, Ryan!

Ryan and his mom, Kiyoko, looking at Firefighter Dayna's necklace. The necklace has pictures of all the Fire Safety Dogs since the very beginning! Ryan knew who each of us were! 

Ryan showing his drawing of his fire safety pancake idea!

We love your idea, Ryan!

Brian and his mom brought batteries, a Dalmatian oven mitt and apron for the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation. 

The oven mitt and apron are for making a cookie fire safety tips video and the batteries will be used for our cameras to film fire safety videos.

Thank you, Kiyoko and Ryan!!

Ryan holding my paw.

Ryan and me!

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