Thursday, October 10, 2013

Big Day at Clarksville Primary School!

This morning I went to Clarksville Primary School to make a presentation with the firefighters. It was the Fire Safety Dogs' 10th year anniversary today, so it was a special day.

Firefighter Dayna told the boys and girls and all the teachers that she dedicated today"s program to Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog. : )

Giving "sugars" to Principal Ziegler

I just LOVE Principal Ziegler!! He loves when we come to visit his school. He really wants the boys and girls to stay safe!

Fred and Billie. They have been on my fire department since it was started in 1980! I love them both!!

Waiting for the children to come in!

After the presentations, I was waiting for the boys and girls to come see the fire truck!

Giving kisses to Firefighter Rick. I love firefighters and love to thank them with sugars!!!

I love Firefighter Fred!

Firefighter Jim is a pawsome firefighter!

I'm happiest when I am on a fire truck!

What a great day at Clarksville Primary! We taught fire safety to almost 600 children! Woo hoo!

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