Monday, May 21, 2012

Tour of CNN Express!

Hi boys and girls!

Tango the Fire Safety Dog here with an update on my big trip to Joplin! I just arrived in Joplin and wowsa! First thing that I saw as Firefighter Dayna and I pulled into our hotel parking lot was the "CNN Express!"

At first, Firefighter Dayna asked if I could have my picture taken by the CNN bus, then next thing I know, thanks to my new friends, Matt and Dale, I get to go inside to check it out!

Here I am with Matt. He gave me the royal tour! See the CNN logo behind us to the right? Isn't that so cool? I also had my eye on the fruit on the table next to Matt. BOL.

Then, I was dying to see what was in the back of the bus, so I went to check it out!

Then, I had to pose with the whole inside of the bus behind me!

I was really lucky! I got to even pretend that I was driving the bus! That was SO COOL!

My friend, Dale, then took me out for a walk. I had a great time! When we got back to the bus, he told Firefighter Dayna that he wished that I could go on a ride with them! I wish, but I would have missed Firefighter Dayna and all my friends. It was so nice of him to think of me! I even got lots of ear scratches!

It was then time to go. I had a great time! Thanks, Matt, Dale and CNN!

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