Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mountain Doo and K-9 Lily Made Honorary Fire Safety Dogs!

We want to congratulate our latest honorary Fire Safety Dogs, K-9 Lily and Mountain Doo!

Mountain Doo, Honorary Fire Safety Dog!

Being a Fire Safety Dog is very special and to be an honorary Fire Safety Dog is even more special!

Doo and Lily have both helped the Fire Safety Dogs and the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation reach more people with the fire safety message, and we are so very grateful to them!

Mountain Doo and Lily belong to a group called PAWS Search and Rescue Alliance in Joplin, Missouri. Check out the PAWS page to learn more about this amazing group, and be sure to join Doo and Lily on Facebook!

Honorary Fire Safety Dog, Mountain Doo and his human, Rob.

Honorary Fire Safety Dog Lily and her human, Tara.
Thanks to our friend, Jason for the help with the helmets!

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