Saturday, May 5, 2012

Firefighter Frank Hits the Streets of Reston, Virginia

Firefighter Frank hit the streets of Reston, Virginia while taking a short break from the booth at the Vision 20/20 Models in Fire Prevention Sypmposium to help share fire safety with the children that were in attendance at a big event for dogs and their pet parents. Firefighter Frank had so much fun sharing how important it was to have an escape plan and a working smoke alarm.

Firefighter Frank also helped share information with the boys and girls about the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation's Sparkles' Safety Spot and Sparkles' Fire Safety Skype Tour. It was a really fun couple of hours!

Wowsa! Firefighter Frank got his picture made with a snake! He loved it!

Firefighter Frank saw alot of dogs at the event, but his favorite one was this dog. Doesn't he look like he is wearing spotted socks? Too funny!

*Sparkles' Safety Spot is sponsored by First Alert and Sparkles' Fire Safety Skype Tour is sponsored by First Alert and State Farm.

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