Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Making Signs for the Little Rock Fire Department Toy Parade!

Don't you just LOVE glitter, boys and girls? I do! 

I was so excited when Firefighter Dayna shared with me that we were going to be making signs for the Little Rock Fire Department Toy Parade! 

Let the fun begin!

First, we put down the glue to spell "Molly the Fire Safety Dog."

Then, we added the red glitter.

We let the red letters dry.

Next, we made the outline of the holly leaves.

Then, we put the green glitter on the leaves.

Next, we added the red glitter to look like the berries on the holly!

The trick was to let the green dry first so that the holly wouldn't be green AND red! BOL

Then, we let our sign dry.

And dry some more!

I got to make the final inspection. 

Looks good!

We are all ready for the Toy Parade!

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