Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Helping the Community!

The Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation and I are getting ready to go to the hospital to take our container of safety goodies for the first baby of 2014 in Johnson County.

Thank you to First Alert for the smoke alarms and to an anonymous donor who helped supply some of the items!

We can't wait to see who the new baby will be!

We love helping out our community and we appreciate the opportunity to help others! That is what it is all about!

The baby and their family received smoke alarms to help keep them safe!

Thanks to First Alert for the donation of their latest designer smoke alarms!

I pawtographed a picture for the baby!

Is that one lucky baby or what? Check out all the goodies!

The little one even gets a Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation helmet with the Fire Safety Dogs' picture on it!

The loot!

The little one is lucky! They will have a smoke alarm to help keep them and their family safe! 

I even packed the smoke alarm myself!

 Stay safe, little one, and welcome to the world!

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