Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Skype with the Fire Safety Dogs Program Numbers Released

We made a thank you for Heather!
She lives in London and is with
Skype in the Classroom.
Last week we had the opportunity to
Skype with Heather from London, who is with Skype in the Classroom. Skype in the Classroom is going to use the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation's Skype program as a case study and we are very excited! They are also committed to helping share our program and raise awareness so that, in turn, more teachers will sign up to take part. Whoo hoo!

We got out our calculators and figured out how many children, schools, states and countries we have reached! Here they are!

Skype Program with the Fire Safety Dogs:

  • Skyped with 15 states plus Washington, DC
  • Skyped with 5 countries (US, Germany, Japan, Canada and Australia)
  • Skyped 31 times with 26 schools (some schools we Skyped with more than once)
  • We have done programs for classes from the following age groups: 3-14 years old.
  • Skyped with special needs classes three times
  • 1,151 children and 94 adults reached        
Next week we will be Skyping with attendees who will be at a fire and life safety educator's conference in Colorado. We will be sharing our Skype program as well as giving tips on how they can start their own Skype program in their community. Whoo hoo! We can't wait!

We would LOVE to Skype with your class! Click HERE to learn how you can Skype with us for FREE!

Until next time, stay safe! And, remember: FIRE SAFETY ROCKS!

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