Monday, April 8, 2013

Molly the Fire Safety Dog Goes to the Fire Station

Every Monday night I go to the fire station for Monday night training with the firefighters. I had such a good time tonight!

First, I watched as the firefighters loaded equipment onto 101. 101 is a brush truck and is part of a new truck and part of an older fire truck.

Watching the firefighters add equipment to 101.
101 will be one of the first vehicles that goes out on a call.

I had to check out the side of 101. See the picture of the Dalmatian? That is a picture of Sparkles and was put on the older part of the fire truck many, many years ago!
Then, I helped Firefighter Dayna change the sign outside the fire station. People honked at me as they drove by. I smiled!

Time to change the sign!

I helped hold the letters for Firefighter Dayna. It was fun!

Ta da! New letters on the sign outside the station! Where we live, people have to call the Sheriff's office or Police Department before they burn anything outdoors. Fire can get away from someone so easily if they are burning outside. That is why we hope no one ever burns outside.

In the training room, I pretended that I was on the radio. "Stay safe, everyone!" Molly out!

My work was done! It was time to go home after a busy night at the fire station!

Before I left, I posed for a picture on one of my favorite fire trucks. This is 109. It is a pumper truck.

Until next time, stay safe! And, remember: Fire Safety Rocks!

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  1. Great blog! You are such a good girl Molly! <3