Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thank you, Piper Stone, the One-Eyed Painting Bulldog!

Piper the Painting Bulldog with her painting, "Safety Dance."
Thank you to our friend, Piper Stone, for the beautiful gift, "Safety Dance." 
Piper donated a painting made just for us to support our work and she wants to help us keep children and their families safe!

                        If unable to see the video, click HERE.

We met Piper over the internet when we were on the cover of American Dog Magazine last summer. How cool is that?

Piper is a very special dog, and believes in helping others like we do! Not only is Piper special in that she helps others, Piper is TRULY GIFTED!

Piper is a special needs, somewhat handicapped (handicapable) rescue dog who makes a difference through paint. She is an example of how anyone has the ability to inspire create and be good at something when given love and encouragement.

Piper is listed on MSN as one of the 15 most influential dogs of 2012. She appeared on the TV Show Texas Country Reporter, KXAN news with Reporter Jim Swift, Dog Cast Radio, We Are Austin Live, and YNN News. Piper is featured in American Dog Magazine's 2012 Summer issue for being a dog with a job.

Thank you, Piper, to you, and your human, Jessica! We are truly grateful!

See "Safety Dance" items HERE. 100% of the proceeds benefit the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation!
Be sure to visit Piper's website and Facebook pages! 
Learn more about Piper's work below:
Until next time, stay safe! And, remember:



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