Thursday, March 21, 2013

A very Special Video from Odrija, 8, from Riga, Latvia!

Riga, Latvia
We received this wonderful video from our new friend, Odrija. Odrija is 8 years old and from Latvia. For those of you that may not know (we are just learning too!) Latvia is a country in Europe and the capitol of it is Riga. It is an ancient Baltic country and is officially called the Republic of Latvia.

Odrija's teacher, Ms.Gvozdeva, shared with us that Odrija was inspired to make this video after watching a video of Molly doing her trick with her three colored balls (I have three balls: one red, one blue and one green, and when asked to get a certain colored ball, I go get it!)

We started a new Skype program that we have taken international and each week we have set aside Thursdays to Skype with other countries! We will be Skyping with Odrija's class in April!

                                                      If unable to see, click HERE.

We loved your video so much, Odrija, that we showed it on the 77th episode of our kid's show, Sparkles' Safety Spot!

If unable to see, click HERE.

Thank you for the sweet video, Odrija! WE LOVE IT!  

Until next time, stay safe! And remember: FIRE SAFETY ROCKS!

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