Friday, June 6, 2014

Sparkles' Safety Spot: Episode 142: June 6, 2014

We are so excited about this summer!

Video of Firefighter Dayna and me in this 142nd episode of the live-streamed children's safety show, Sparkles' Safety Spot LIVE from Sparkles' Clubhouse!

Our special guest was Firefighter Bo from the Little Rock Fire Department. Firefighter Bo shared with the boys and girls some exciting things that we are going to be seeing in the next couple of weeks, including a visit to the Little Rock Fire Department's Aircraft Firefighting Rescue Division at the Little Rock National Airport!

The department's Aircraft Firefighting Rescue Division is responsible for responding to aircraft incidents and accidents at the Little Rock National Airport as well as providing emergency medical assistance as first responders. How cool is that?

                                If unable to see the video, click HERE.

You can learn more about the LRFD Aircraft Firefighting Rescue Division HERE.

Thank you to Little Rock Fire Chief Gregory Summers, Division Chief Joseph Gray, Division Chief Wayne Craft, Firefighter Bo Hagar and members of the Little Rock Fire Department.

Brought to you by the Keep Kids Fire Safe™ Foundation and First Alert.

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