Monday, February 24, 2014

Thank you Facebook Friends!

Yesterday I had asked my Facebook friends if they could help and boy did they ever! I have the most compassionate and BEST FRIENDS EVER!

Thanks to my Facebook friend, Karen, I am at Day Camp at PetSmart today!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my human friends: Karen, Theresa, Beverly, Terri, Sara, Rachele, Steve, Monica, Jena and Kelly and to my fur friend, Dino for helping out with all the dates below! You guys ROCK!

All of my friends of the two and four-legged type are PAWMAZING! Thank you so much for helping everyone!!!

February 24: Karen Luling
February 25: Theresa Brigante
February 26: Fire safety presentations all day in Lincoln, Nebraska
February 27: Beverley Walker
February 28: Terri Occhipinti
March 1: Sara Gray
March 2: Sara Gray
March 3: Rachele Gray
March 4: Rachele Gray
March 5: Rachele Gray / Jena Palisoul
March 6: Steve Worton
March 7: Steve Worton / Kelly Church
March 8: Monica Colby
March 9: Monica Colby
March 10: Monica Colby / Carrie McKitrick

Today I am asking for help to go to Lincoln. We are so excited! We will be sharing with fire service students information about our program, share tips on no cost fire safety programming and more! We love giving back!

We are trying to raise gas money to go to Lincoln three times this week. One day we will be Skyping with a school from India; another day doing the college class presentation and doing a presentation in front of preschoolers with the students; and the last day we will be live streaming Sparkles' Safety Spot from Southeast community college!

So much to do, but we  every minute of it!

If you would like to help with the expenses of going to Lincoln, please visit HERE to learn more!

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