Saturday, January 18, 2014

9/11's "Rescue 5"

Rescue 5 is being housed at Central Station in Little Rock and today the Little Rock Fire Department is taking Rescue 5 to the Clinton Library.

Rescue 5 is a very special vehicle. It was on scene during 9/11 and 11 of the 12 firefighters that were on the engine perished.

The engine was restored by Firefighters in Chicago and now it is a "Rolling" memorial as it travels across the United States.

The Little Rock Fire Department was very fortunate to house Rescue 5 on its journey to San Diego.

Rescue 5 getting ready to leave from Central Station to the Clinton Library.

There it goes!

The Little Rock Honor Guard started to gather to start a procession to the Clinton Library.

Following the Honor Guard and me helping lead Rescue 5 to the Clinton Library .

Getting closer to the Clinton Library.

Helping lead Rescue 5 to the Clinton Library. We were very honored to be a part of the processional.

Posing with the Little Rock Fire Department Color Guard in beside Rescue 5 at the Clinton Library.

Sitting by Rescue 5. If you look really close, up above me you can see the names of the 9/11 firefighters that passed away from the engine company.

Rescue 5 is a memorial and no one is allowed inside the fire truck except the drivers and the family of 9/11 fallen firefighters.

We met many families coming out to the library to see Rescue 5.

The Little Rock Firefighters and Firefighter Dayna and I shared the story behind Rescue 5.

It was truly an honor for us to be there.

Rescue 5 sat just outside the Clinton Library for several hours. We spent about and hour and a half at the event.

Firefighter Dayna filled out the Little Rock Fire Department's Memorial Book that they started for Rescue 5.

She shared her memories from 9/11, including sharing her story of playing her bag pipes for the fallen firefighters 9/11 memorial service in Washington, DC.

I saw many boys and girls and got lots and lots of hugs. The hugs helped keep me warm. It was very chilly and windy.

All and all, a very amazing day with a very special vehicle.

The vehicle helps keep the memory of 9/11 alive, and we wish it well as it continues its journey.


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