Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tulsa! Visit to State Farm Regional Offices

After the presentation with preschoolers, I went over to the State Farm Operation Center in Tulsa. 

When I got there, my friend Jeff gave me a State Farm bear! I am going to put my new bear in the clubhouse!

Thank you, Jeff!

I had so much fun seeing all my old friends and making new ones at the State Farm Operations Center in Tulsa this afternoon!

We walked around with my friend, Jeff, and met employees in the building! We thanked them for their support of our fire safety programming.

Firefighter Dayna loves this spot! Tango had his picture made here a couple of years ago!

I was so excited to see the copy of American Dog Magazine that the Fire Safety Dogs pawtographed on display at the State Farm Operational Center in Tulsa!!

Starting to head back to Arkansas! What a great day sharing fire safety!

Goodbye Tulsa!

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