Friday, August 23, 2013

103rd Episode of Sparkles' Safety Spot!

The 103rd episode of Sparkles' Safety Spot just rapped up and we are so exited!

Here's the video!

Today we showed a picture of our friend, Travelin' Jack, on the 103rd episode of Sparkles' Safety Spot. We sent Jack a pair of glasses to thank him for participating in the 100th live stream. Also, thank you to his  human, Jill, who took this cool photo!

Today's episode of Sparkles' Safety Spot was dedicated to Joie, who passed away unexpectedly yesterday.

We are two friends away from 500!! Woo hoo!!!

On today's episode of Sparkles' Safety Spot, I gave a high paw to my friends, Scrappy and Lee, for passing a big test over in the UK!

During Sparkles' Safety Spot today, we sang Happy Birthday to our friend, Mountain Doo, who turns 2 today. Doo and his human have the same birthday! Do you believe it? Happy birthday Doo and Rob!

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