Friday, July 5, 2013

Special Guest Host Chloe!

Chloe getting ready!
Chloe going over the script for the 96th episode of Sparkles' Safety Spot this morning. Chloe did a pawsome job! Thanks, Chloe!

I helped set up!

I helped get the outside set of Sparkles' Safety Spot set up today. We had to move the location twice because of the sun.

Someday we want to get a big awning so we can Skype and live stream outside.

Chloe live-streaming

Chloe hosted Sparkles' Safety Spot all by herself today! Way to go, Chloe!!!

Chloe is ten years old and has been helping us share fire safety since she was 4!

Thanks for helping us live stream Sparkles' Safety Spot today, Chloe!

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