Monday, May 13, 2013

BlogPaws Here We Come! Part One of Day One

Good morning, everyone!

The day is finally here! I have been waiting so long to go to the BlogPaws Conference in Washinton, DC! From what I hear, it is a magical place, a place where Firefighter Dayna learns more about blogging and social media. She just LOVES it!

Firefighter Dayna told me that I will love it too! There will be lots of new furfriends to meet, a playpark where I can go play with all my new friends and lots of other cool stuff! I am sooo excited!

This was our trip today! We traveled 620 miles and it took us 14 hours.

First day of my trip! Clarksville, AR to Knoxville, TN!

We left Arkansas at 10:30 this morning and we are on our way to BlogPaws and our big Washington DC trip!

In this picture is my new friend, Kelsie. Kelsie is going with us on our big adventure and I am so excited! She is so nice!

See me holding a flag? That is the Arkansas flag. Each time that I go into a new state, we will take a picture of me with the flag from that state!

Me, Firefighter Dayna, my new BFF, Kelsie and the SpotMobile

We decorated the SpotMobile to let everyone know that we were on our way to BlogPaws!

Let's go Firefighter Dayna and Kelsie! I am safe in my seatbelt and all ready to go!

We have lots of big things planned on this trip, including meeting Dr. Katy and being on her show, the Pet Show (on Washington, DC's News Channel 8) on Saturday morning at 11!

We will be doing two presentations at Anne Beers Elementary School in DC and we can't wait! We Skyped with their school last October, and now we get to meet them!

We will also be visiting the SafeKids USA national office,
getting to meet Senator Boozman and Senator Pryor for the first time (they have met all of the Fire Safety Dogs except me!), going to BlogPaws and so many other cool things!

I'll be blogging all about my big trip, so come back soon! You can also visit the Fire Safety Dogs' Facebook page to see new pix and follow our big adventure!

Until next time, stay safe! And, remember: Fire Safety Rocks!

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