Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 3 Trip to BlogPaws

Today we left Cheyenne, Wyoming for Salt Lake City. 

Boy, was it ever windy in Cheyenne when Firefighter Dayna was packing the truck! BOL (Barking out Loud). Check out the serious ear action from the wind blowing so hard!

It was so pretty along the way! Below are pictures from our big day!

We stopped at the Lincoln Memorial around Laramie, Wyoming. This is the largest sculpture of a head in the US!
How cool is this?
I love Wyoming!
I look sad cause that big white stuff behind me is smoke from a big wildfire in Colorado. I hope that everyone will be safe.
Behind me is Elk Mountain in Utah. Isn't it beautiful! One person owns 3/4 of it!

Wyoming had such pretty scenery!

Chilling at a rest stop. We stopped a lot so that I could stretch my legs.

We made it to Utah today! WHOO HOO!

See the back of the SpotMobile? It says, "Utah Bound!" We just had to take this picture of it by the Utah sign at the rest stop!

We arrived at the hotel. Almost all of this is mine. BOL.

Wiped out after a long day of travel. Night everyone!

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