Saturday, July 31, 2010

Whooo hoooo! Check out the August issue of Parents Magazine

I am so excited that my friend, Angelica, and me, are featured in this month’s issue of
Parents Magazine in the full page article, “Kindergartner Saves Dad from Burning Home.” How cool is that?

From what Firefighter Dayna tells me, the magazine is seen by over 15.3 million people. How cool is that?

The article shares the story of how my friend, Angelica, was able to save herself and her dad, Kenneth, from their burning home. Angelica had attended a fire safety presentation at her school that Firefighter Dayna and I did, just two months prior. Angelica said that she "knew exactly what to do” to save herself and her father by crawling low under the smoke to get out of the house. Isn't that pawesome?

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Printable version of Press Release

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