Saturday, October 24, 2009

Firefighter Dayna's Fun Day!

Firefighter Dayna was invited by President H.W. Bush (the 41st) to attend the Points of Light Presidential Forum on Service with him and President Barack Obama at Texas A&M University and today was the big day! This celebration celebrated the 20th anniversary of the prestigious Points of Light Award.

Johnson County RFD #1’s Fire Safety Team was awarded the Points of Light Award by President George H.W. Bush on June 8, 2006. Each year, Johnson County RFD #1 firefighters and Fire Corps donate over 6,000 hours to the department's fire safety program.

Before the event started, I had the honor of sharing with everyone in attendance the story of Johnson County RFD #1's Fire Safety Team (comprised of firefighters and Fire Corps members) and the efforts to keep everyone fire safe.

I was grateful to have the opportunity to share our experience with everyone present so that they would know what a tangible difference that not only firefighters, but also Fire Corps volunteers, can make in a community.

Kari Wood, a former director of RFD #1 Fire Corps and now program coordinator for the national Fire Corps office, attended the ceremony on behalf of the RFD #1’s Fire Corps. We were indeed honored to be recognized by not only President George H.W. and Mrs. Barbara Bush again but this time by President Obama. Not only were the Bush's there with the President, but past A&M President Secretary of Defense Gates and Senator Sam Dunn - among many other dignitaries. We were honored when we were asked to stand and be recognized with the other Points of Light Award winners. Here is some great info on the event:

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