Friday, July 11, 2014

Win a "Dotty" Poochie (purple) made by Poochie & Co.!

Molly with her purple Dotty Poochie by Poochie & C.
We are giving away another "Dotty" Poochie made by our friends at Poochie & Co.!

This "Dotty" Poochie is very special as this was given to Molly after attending's Paws for Style event in NYC.

One very lucky person is going to win this "Dotty" Poochie!

Good luck!

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About Poochie & Co.:

Poochie & Co. is a division of Cudlie Accessories LLC, a family owned business that was established more than 45 years ago as a ladies, children’s and infants accessories company.

According to their website, the company has a history of steady growth built on core principles of quality, innovation and uniqueness. They are a consumer service oriented manufacturer with a commitment to providing the best design driven products to their customers.

Poochie & Co. is the newest division of Cudlie Accessories.  They are focused on keeping a fresh face by continually adding new styles, colors and materials to the sweet and adorable Poochie collection. Each animal is styled to match the personality of the represented breed. They have a look to coordinate with everychild’s outfit from jeans to party dresses.

Poochie & Co. handbags are the hottest trend for our young admirers and are a must-have accessory for collectors.


  1. My Little girl would Rock this fabulous purse. Since moving into our new home, we have had multiple fire drills.

  2. This picture of the dogs is adorable!!! I'd like to win because my nephew would love it.

  3. We have a fire safety plan established and go over it every few months. We also check the extinguishers and alarms regularly. My daughter would love this purse because her favorite color is purple and she loves that it is a Dalmatian because we follow you and I show her all the great things that Molly does. She would cherish this.

  4. Would love to win for my 4 year old daughter. She loves dalmatian pups. We have smoke detectors in every room and we talk about fire safety often. We have a meeting place and safety plan in place.

  5. My little sunshine would definitely love the Dolly Pooches, we definitely change out our batteries in the smoke detectors and carbon dioxide devices. We talk to the kids about what to do incase of a fire ♥

  6. My little girl would fall in love with this!

  7. My daughter would LOVE this so cute! We replace our batteries in our smoke detectors yearly.

  8. I love purple and Dalmatians. We change our smoke detector batteries on a regular basis.

  9. My Abby would absolutely LOVE this Dotty!! We keep all matches/lighters out of Abby's reach. She is not allowed alone in the kitchen when the oven/stove is on and we change the batteries in our smoke detectors.